The Destruction and elimination of the BAY OF MARIGOT will not take place.

daniellajeffry21062015Marigot:— Do you know a Bay without sea? Do you know a beach without sand? That is the objective of all the projects intended for Saint-Martin since 1983. Exactly 33 years after the famous election of 1983, it is a repeat with the same methods of the same system.
The people of Saint-Martin is not sleeping any more. They were told and they believed that the progress that was put in front of them was a progress for them. But today they are saying NO to the elimination of one of the most beautiful Bay in the world. In Europe, the famous Bay of Naples in Italy is a jewel for them : dark blue waters. That is their standard of natural beauty. It is not ours.
The Bay of Marigot and Galisbay are endowed with the natural beauty of turquoise clear waters. We are not going to accept the disappearance of our Bay of Marigot, The people of Marigot, Sandy Ground, Saint James, Concordia, Agrément, Hameau du Pont and Morne Valois have seen the destruction of their natural marine environment during the last 30 years and its ecological consequences. The rock-filling of our Marigot and Galisbay beaches has taken away their places of enjoyment and leisure activities, especially for the youths of these areas.

30 years is known to be a cycle to build up or to tear down. In that span the results of whatever is undertaken can clearly be seen. The people of Saint Martin are convinced that the development dubbed “progress” in 1983 has been in the long run detrimental to the people of Saint-Martin in all its facets. They hold the various administrations, commune and so-called collectivity, who have controlled the North on their behalf under the banner of democracy entirely responsible for the chaos, confusion, and takeover of various entities, which are seen and experienced so blatantly today.
The people of Saint-Martin are fully aware that they have been fooled. The successive elected bodies and actual majority of elected bodies have transferred their responsibility to a very small group of people who are controlling not only the destiny of the island, but also intend to determine the fate of the people of Saint-Martin. The majority elected body and all those who collaborate with them, whatever the name of their groups, and cooperate with their schemes against the people of Saint-Martin are totally manipulated to serve the interest of their masters. The crumbles they get out of it cannot save them from the consequences resulting in the destruction and elimination they are reserving for the same people that they are begging and paying to vote for them. They need to be reminded that they get their semblance of power from the people. The power is in the people and the people know today that the schemes of the last 30 years are coming to an end.

The destruction has to stop. The elimination has to stop. The confusion has to stop. A manipulated educated mind is the same as a slave’s mind, and our ancestors have always fought for their liberation and they obtained it in Saint-Martin long before it was given to them by a decree. They did not have a slave’s mind. But who are you fighting for today, elected brainless ones, when you have enslaved yourselves with the crumbs of your actual master(s)? You have no sense of balance, no sense of country, no rational thinking, you do not even love yourself, you have no conscience, you are robots. You do what the master(s) want(s) you to do.
The elected persons who intend to vote for the elimination of one of the most beautiful Bay in the world will be individually held responsible for their irresponsible decision by the people of Saint-Martin. This project will not take place. Don’t waste your time for such a disgraceful cause.
Daniella JEFFRY

Source: St. Martin News Network
The Destruction and elimination of the BAY OF MARIGOT will not take place.