The Prime Minister of St. Maarten is playing politics with the Telem situation.

PHILIPSBURG:— The SMCU delivered a resolution to the Prime Minister dated August 24, 2016 requesting the reopening of the application for the CEO position of Telem. We also requested for him to appoint the required new members on the board of directors.

The reason that there is a need for the new board members is because the articles of incorporation indicate that the board must consist of a maximum seven or a minimum five members, whereas currently there are three members on the board.

The Prime Minister publicized on September 22, 2016, that three new board member would be added to the board for the board to be complete, but if three new board members are added to the board it will be a total of six members (an even number) and not seven as is mentioned in the articles of incorporation.

The Prime Minister is playing a game where he will appoint three members to the board making the total board members six, and since this will not be in order with the articles of incorporation, one of the board members will become the CEO of Telem and the board will remain with five members.

This would mean that the Prime Minister will not reopen the vacancy of the CEO of Telem as was requested by the employees of Telem and he is trying to keep it a secret till after the election.

Telem has a total of one hundred and thirty-five employees including the management and seventy-two of those employees requested the prime minister in a resolution sent August 24, 2016, to reopen the CEO vacancy and make the process transparent where the employees working in Telem could have also gotten the opportunity to apply for the function base on the qualifications as well as external candidates.

This is a clear indication of a dictatorship of the Prime Minister where he is supposed to be working for the people of St. Maarten, and the people of St. Maarten made a request that it seems like it will not be granted.

The other situation is the merger of Telem/UTS 60/40.
The prime minister publicized the merger of these two companies without even knowing if the employees in these two companies were informed prior to the press release of the Prime Minister.

Anytime there is such delicate information that will be publicized by the council of ministers or the Prime Minister, one should first make it their business to make sure the parties that are going to be affected by the situation is informed prior to making such statements.
St. Maarten has twenty-five percent shares in UTS in general; the question is what will happen with those shares because Curacao claimed that St. Maarten has twelve point five percent.

The Prime Minister also have to inform the people of St Maarten what will happen with those shares and why Curacao claims that. Maarten has 12.5% where there are documents stating St. Maarten has 25%. See the website where information can be

Source: St. Martin News Network
The Prime Minister of St. Maarten is playing politics with the Telem situation.