The Research & Development Of 2017 Study Financing Priority List Of Studies.

sxmembrace01022016PHILIPSBURG:— The Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth Affairs and Sports, through the Division of Study Financing commissioned the local consultancy firm IMBRACE represented by CEO Jacqueline Louis to conduct an extensive research study to determine the labor market -, and societal needs for short-, medium -and long-term as it pertains to the issuance of study financing. This study will produce a 2017 Study Financing Priority List of studies, qualifications and profession which is better aligned with St. Maarten’s economic- and educational strategic plans.
“Considering the need to increase the study financing return on investment and reduce the demand for foreign human resources and youth unemployment , the Ministry found it essential to establish a study financing priority listing based on scientific research.” states Minister Jacobs. “Ultimately, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth Affairs and Sports goal is to ensure that the issuance of study financing will enable students’ to pursue academic careers which are conducive to the growth and demands of St. Maarten’s current and emerging labor markets.”
The research and development of the 2017 Study Financing Priority List was awarded to a local business consulting firm entitled IMBRACE, through a public bidding process.. Ms. Jacqueline Louis, CEO of IMBRACE will be leading this initiative along with a dedicated team of specialists. “We will be building upon our previous experience in market research, as well as our understanding of both the education and business/labor markets to efficiently conduct this study,” says Ms. Louis.
In addition, IMBRACE is tasked with translating these findings into a priority listing of study programs, educational qualifications, professions and jobs. This “Priority List” will essentially serve as the guideline for the revision and issuance of study financing to students interested in pursuing their tertiary education on St. Maarten or abroad.
IMBRACE’s comprehensive approach to this study includes consultations and open dialogs with students, parents, schools, guidance counselors, businesses and various organizations that collectively contribute to St. Maarten’s workforce development.
Specifically, the methodology includes surveys and questionnaires that will be conducted in-person and/or online to gain in-depth insight from these stakeholders. Additionally, a business Human Resources (H.R.) Forum as well as Student Focus Group(s) will be held to engage these key target audiences. Targeted participants will be contacted with invitations to attend these major activities with specific dates, times and locations in the coming months.
“Everyone is encouraged to participate and contribute openly to various aspects of the Study. The development of a sustainable labor market affects us all,” says Louis.
For further information, please contact, Jacqueline Louis, CEO IMBRACE (721) 581-7973 or

Source: St. Martin News Network The Research & Development Of 2017 Study Financing Priority List Of Studies.