The St. Maarten Chamber of Commerce and Industry (COCI) online.

PHILIPSBURG:—-The St. Maarten Chamber of Commerce and Industry (COCI) on Friday January 15th, 2016, in the presence of a well-attended gathering launched: COCI ONLINE. This COCI service represents the culmination of all executed projects and services by COCI in 2015. COCI President Peggy Ann Brandon explained to the invited guests the journey undertaken by the COCI Board of Directors, Management and staff to attain this result. The COCI Board of Directors in their Caucus of 2014, formulated the objective for 2015 namely to achieve BETTER BUSINESS in Sint Maarten. In this context COCI took a look at itself and formulated projects to better its product and services, in support of BETTER BUSINESS. COCI felt that the business community, being dependent on a secure business environment for its further development, needed a better quality, greater access to COCI and a faster return on its requests. So COCI in 2015 executed an internal reorganization, hired three additional customer service representatives, migrated to a new data registry, conducted extensive training of its staff and started the digitization of 2300+ files to preserve records. In creating better access to COCI several service concepts were developed, implemented and launched. In September 2016 COCI 24, an e-mail service through which requests are handled within 24 hours was launched. October marked the launch of COCI 2 U a service through which COCI visits the customer on appointment. GET COCI was the product launched in November, bringing access to COCI services to SIMPSON BAY and the surrounding areas in collaboration with the Government Public Service Center at the fish market. In December COCI offered COCI CURBSIDE a service permitting a drive through drop off and pick up at COCI in Philipsburg. Brandon also explained that Better Business required the process undertaken by notaries, to incorporate and register businesses, or to have amendments processed to be a more convenient and efficient one. The COCI Board of Directors so gave Management a mandate to undertake the design, development and implementation of a COCI online registration module. COCI Management under the leadership of Mrs. R. Patrick, through an invitation to bid issued at the beginning of the second quarter of 2015, commenced a bidding process to acquire an interface module for COCI. At the end of the second quarter of 2015 the bids submitted were opened in the presence of Marshall Rabess, after which the bidding committee conducted its review and announced the result to the COCI Board of Directors. COCI Management notified the winner QUALOGY SURINAME (a daughter company of QUALOGY NETHERLANDS serving the Caribbean region) at the beginning of the third quarter of 2015. Qualogy worked with the COCI IT staff to deliver COCI ONLINE. Going beyond simply delivering contract deliverables, Qualogy fully partnered with COCI to design and develop the online solution desired. The launch of last Friday marks the first phase of the project, as a payment module and viewing module are expected to be launched within the next 6 -8 weeks. Brandon further explained that this method of launching was chosen with focus on safeguarding the integrity of the COCI system and to ensure that the process of establishing businesses on St. Maarten would be shortened in a secure environment.
COCI (pronounced as cozy) also launched the rebranding of its business concept on Friday. Highlighting the COCI brand, supports the vision of the Board of Directors that Better Business is attained through better, more efficient and accessible services. The rebranding and launch of new services in 2015 was made possible with the assistance of Visual Lynx- Montage NV- Fernando Clark and team. The COCI president thanked all for their tireless input and dedication bringing all undertakings to a success. Brandon is quoted saying: ”If not for all layers working together and contributing as a team, success is not achievable. We are here today because of team work, and everyone going the extra mile”. With a click of the button Brandon launched COCI ONLINE. After the presentation of the module, senior staff member E. Joseph and Treasurer to the Board Mr. A. Baker made the closing remarks. In an emotional and heartfelt tribute senior staff member Joseph thanked the COCI president for all that she had done for the staff and COCI. Joseph said:” We have learned so much from Mrs. Brandon. We are thankful that she believes in us, cares and helps us to grow. Her integrity, and her lessons changed us as workers and as persons.” Invited guest were treated to cocktails.

Source: St. Martin News Network The St. Maarten Chamber of Commerce and Industry (COCI) online.