Third “The Law Matters to You” on the 2016 Parliamentary Elections, Electorial Laws.

PHILIPSBURG:— The Department of Communication and the University of St. Martin is having their third law lecture in the area of the Parliamentary Election and the Electoral Laws.

In their series “The Law Matter to You” the two entities will bring information on the law in its many fields to the public of St. Maarten.

It is important for the community who can vote to known the issues, know what information there is, think hard about the issues and the information given, and know in what direction the country ought to go—these are the ultimate aims.

Seeing that the Parliamentary Elections are on September 26th, providing information to candidates and the general public is obvious and paramount.

DCOMM Head Rodney Richardson and University President Francio Guadeloupe are both excited about this lecture because of the urgency.

DCOMM Head Richardson said that after two successful law lectures DCOMM is proud to organize the 3rd lecture together with USM on the Electoral Laws that guide the Sint Maarten Parliamentary Elections. “We believe this is another great opportunity for all persons in the community to gain valuable information on the Election Process.”

University President Guadeloupe elaborated on the significance of the coming event in relation to the community of all.

“Part of safe guarding that St. Maarten remains a Parliamentary Democracy with a social face is based upon a clear understanding the relationship between political representation and the Law. Elected politicians make and execute these laws, while we are all bounded to and by them as well.”

The public can send in their questions, which hopefully will be answered on the night, to the law lecture committee via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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The event is scheduled on the 29th of August at the University of St. Martin, room 202.

Source: St. Martin News Network
Third “The Law Matters to You” on the 2016 Parliamentary Elections, Electorial Laws.