Three players win $85,165 with Caribbean Lottery Games.

PHILIPSBURG:— Monday, March 14, 2016: The Caribbean Lottery over the past two weeks has produced three significant winners for the Lucky Pick, Pick 4 and Instant Scratch games. The three winners have collectively amassed $85,165 in fortune!
The first winner bought his Lucky Pick ticket from Caribbean Lottery’s Tackling Shell retail outlet. An overjoyed Michael Francis, who is a father of two, walked away with a cheque for $43,500 with 02-03-24-27-28 as his winning numbers for the March 2 draw.
Michael is as avid lottery player with his favourite games being Lucky Pick, Pick 3 and Pick 4. He enjoys Lucky Pick in particular as he believes that it is easy to win. The game is played by selecting 5 numbers from a pool of 28. Players are eligible to win by matching 5, 4, or 3 of the winning numbers. The jackpot is won when all 5 numbers of the draw are matched.
Michael, who is “super excited and happy” about his win, has said his jackpot will go a long way towards financial freedom and will help him to take better care of his family. He will continue playing his favourite game and encourages players not to give up: “You never know when your time will come,” he said.
Financial Freedom is also a result of Maria Gomez’s lucky win of $20,000 from an instant Scratch Ticket. Dessam Food Mart, one of Caribbean Lottery’s retail outlets in St. Maarten, sold her the winning ticket.
Maria, who has been playing the game for several years, reports that this is the largest amount she has ever won. Her other favourite games include Lucky Pick, Pick 3 and Pick 4. Though extremely happy about her windfall, Maria is still in shock and disbelief over her win. Nonetheless, she says her winnings will help her to achieve more financial freedom and she plans to use the money to help her grandchildren.
Pick 4 winnings of $21,665 will enable Thomas Peterson to take a much needed vacation and purchase a car. Thomas is pleased that we will be able to enjoy his vacation and new car without having to pay for them from his savings. Purchasing his winning ticket from retail outlet Over Value Star, Thomas picked his numbers by selecting his birthday.
Thomas has been playing Pick 4, his favourite game, for over two years. He has won twice before at $666 for each ticket, but this is the first time that he has won such a significant amount. He will continue to play Pick 4 for more chances to win and tells others that they have to play if they want a chance to win.
Caribbean Lottery is pleased to have awarded these three winners with their prizes and encourages other players to try their luck with the wide array of games offered by Caribbean Lottery. As with Michael, the pay-outs can be significant.
Paula Williams, Site Operations Manager of Caribbean Lottery in St. Maarten, expressed their delight over the winners’ good fortune: “We are excited to have awarded three of our players with their prizes totalling $85,165! It’s especially exciting that our biggest winner, Michael, used the quick pick method and spent only US$1 for his jackpot of $43,500! What is significant is that all the winning tickets ranged in price from only $1 to $20. This is a true testament of the variety of ways that persons can win with Caribbean Lottery games.”
Williams also thanked Caribbean Lottery’s valued retailers who made the wins possible: “A special ‘thank you’ to our valued retailers: Dessam Food Mart, Tackling Shell and Over Value Star, without whom these winnings would not be possible. We are certainly looking forward to our next big winner!”

About Caribbean Lottery:
Caribbean Lottery is a trade name registered and used by Caribbean Lottery Services, Inc. and affiliates that are wholly-owned subsidiaries of Providence, Rhode Island-based IGT. Caribbean Lottery™ is the contracted provider of Lottery services in St. Maarten and in numerous other islands throughout the Caribbean.
The company provides a full suite of services including: game, product and technology development; retail point of sale solutions; communications channels; hardware, software, data storage and data center operations; financial transactional records in line with industry and worldwide best practices; retailer management and sales and marketing support.
The Caribbean Lottery™ is the only multi-currency, multi-national lottery in existence in the world today. Players are offered an exciting array of products in the Lotto category (Powerball, Mega Millions, Super Lotto, Lucky Pick), Daily Numbers category (Pick 3, Pick 4), Social Space category (Caribbean Keno) and Scratch Ticket category. The mission of the Caribbean Lottery is to raise money for the good causes allocated by the government as beneficiaries of the lottery and to do so in a responsible manner. For more information, please visit

Source: St. Martin News Network Three players win ,165 with Caribbean Lottery Games.