Top non-compliance topics Food Safety.

3 Types of Sanctions

IMMEDIATE CORRECTION- Correction on site however business still receives a warning (if you violate this consistently for example 6 times then this becomes a serious concern and operations can be ceased)

a. Proper use of gloves and hairnets
 Food handlers must always wear gloves when handling RTE (Ready To Eat Food). Gloves should not be used to protect hands, but to prevent cross contamination.
 Hairnets must be worn with no hair sticking out. b. Food separated and protected
 Food must not be accessible by insects, rats, mice, or birds
c. Food and non-food contact surfaces be able to clean easily and must be hygienic
 Must not have visible and non-visible dirt on the surface. Surface must be sanitized after use with cleaning product such as bleach.
(example: The INPS shows up in the morning and the cutting table is full of
the remains from yesterday)
d. Sewage and garbage properly disposed
 Sewage drains in approved systems like sceptic tank or public sewage systems
 Garbage bins with lid and emptied daily.
e. Proper labeling and expired goods
According to the label ordinance all food products must have at least the following

 Product must be properly identified.
 Proper name of the product
 Common name
 List of ingredients
 Net quantity
 Expiration date
 Instructions for storage
 Country of origin
 Alcohol content
 Name and address of manufacturer f. Food in good condition and safe on sight
 All food must be wholesome (i.e. eggs must not be cracked) and fit (eggs must not be spoiled) to eat.
g. Storage at proper temperature(hot and cold)

 Food that is perishable must be stored either below 40 degr. F or above 140 degr. F. (Food will have to be put in a proper fridge/freezer or buy a new one right away)
h. Wiping cloths properly used and stored
i. Utensils, equipment and linens properly stored, dried and handled
1. 1-3 weeks to cure: Issue a warning with the obligation to remedy within 1 week – 3 weeks depending on violation
a. Food handlers certificate obtained by staff (personal cleanliness, contamination prevention etc)
 Food handler certificate can be obtained by Steflogix
(Company on island Tel: 544-4381 Located Welfare Road in Colebay or
The course for managers is 1 whole day whilst the course for food handlers is
½ day.
b. Adequate ventilation and lighting
 Ventilation normally must be about 15 – 25 air changes per hour. Customers should not be able to smell what is coming from the kitchen.
 Lighting should be at least 20 foot candles per hour. Daylight long light bulbs/ one or two per working table. You should be able to see what food you are preparing. Enough light for you to read a book on a cutting table.
c. Ware (utensils and plates) washing facilities installed, maintained and used
d. Water and ice from approved source and/or running water
 By law all food establishment must only use water in their establishment from a Government approved source like GEBE. By alternative water source like from wells, cisterns, or from own water production, the Minister can issue a special permit.
e. Toilets properly constructed , supplied and cleaned
 with tiles on the floor and on walls
 sanitaire (toilets and hand washing facilities)
 running water and soap
 window or fan for exhaust ventilation
 adequate lighting
2. Stop operations where food is being handled and/or in a bar with an obligation to remedy within 1 week – 3 weeks depending on violation
a. Pest infestation (cockroaches, mice, rats, flies) as well as feces b. No running water available

Source: St. Martin News Network Top non-compliance topics Food Safety.