Tropical wave with little rain and wind create havoc with political propaganda.

politicalposters24082016PHILIPSBURG:— At least two political parties that are contesting the September 26th parliamentary elections has caused some havoc with traffic and danger to drivers when the tropical wave passed close to St. Maarten on Wednesday.
The political billboards placed on the roadsides all over the island the UPP fell down on Sucker Garden Road, the Pondfill, and other areas.
According to some drivers, the billboards fell on the road blocking traffic. Some of those affected said the UPP had workers in the midst of the storm removing their billboards from the middle of the road and placing them on the side to be erected later on.
upppropaganda28082016Also, political billboards that were placed on the Sucker Garden Road by the Democratic Party.
While the other seven political parties does not have billboards erected yet, it is clear that the country is in its hurricane period and political parties that are putting these billboards on the roadside have to be more considerate when erecting the billboards to ensure that it is done firmly so that slight wind or rain will not throw them down which could hurt passerby and drivers.
Already these political billboards deface the beauty of the island whose economy is based on tourism, yet the people that boast that they care about the country and its people chose to erect billboards that are not done firmly and could cause serious harm to road users.
Several environmentalists have spoken out about the defacing of the island during an election period, however, today the social media is taken up by the fallen posters.

Source: St. Martin News Network
Tropical wave with little rain and wind create havoc with political propaganda.