Two shot dead in Sucker Garden

yorkmartes07012017PHILIPSBURG:— A young man identified as Taheba York and a young woman from the Sucker Garden area identified as Sabrina Martes were shot dead in a vehicle in Sucker Garden shortly after 11pm Friday night.

According to police spokesman Ricardo Henson the two people drove into a yard in Sucker Garden when they were attacked and shot to death. Bystanders said the vehicle drove into Eddy’ York property but the victims did not get an opportunity to exit the white Elantra with license plate P7712. SMN News learned that another vehicle drove up to the vehicle the two young people were in and began firing shots at them killing both on the spot. Friday night shooting has been registered as the first brutal murders for the year 2017. While the crime figures may have decreased the amount of violent crimes on St. Maarten has escalated.
crimescene07012016Police Spokesman Ricardo Henson said that information surrounding the deadly shooting is limited for the moment including the motive for it.

Source: St. Martin News Network
Two shot dead in Sucker Garden.