USM hospitality management students pass food safety course.

usmhospitalitystudents20050Pond Island:— In partial fulfilment of the requirements of their ‘Food and Beverage Operations’ course, USM’s Hospitality Management students ALL passed the exam and received their ‘Food Handlers Food Safety Certificate.’ Mr. Jan van Beek, the instructor of the USM course, said to be both happy and proud about his students’ achievement. As the majority of these students will be doing a work-placement over the summer, it is definitely an advantage for them that they have this knowledge about food safety. He added that he really would like to thank Mr. Michael Somersal of Steflogix who made it all possible and facilitated the course free of charge.

Mr. Erwin Wolthuis, Head of the Hospitality Division, said that this was a great example of what the completely new, fully accredited curriculum of the hospitality program stands for. In our present BTEC accredited program the focus is on truly preparing the students for a career in the hospitality industry. This certificate, next to the eventual diploma, is just one of many we are preparing our students for.

Coming August the second cohort of the accredited HNC in Hospitality Management will commence. We are inviting everybody who has an interest in obtaining this international recognized diploma to contact USM for more information. Information can be obtained via USM’s Student Service Center and Admissions Office or directly from Mr. Erwin Wolthuis by sending an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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Source: St. Martin News Network
USM hospitality management students pass food safety course.