UTS AND TELEM Group participated in urgent meeting with Chamber of Commerce.

PHILIPSBURG:— UTS and the TELEM Group of companies responded and participated in an urgent meeting called by the President of the St. Maarten Chamber of Commerce, earlier today.

The representatives of both entities explained the recent events which caused a drastic drop in telecommunications provisioning in the country and elucidated on the efforts being undertaken to reduce future risks. Both entities have been able to restore the larger percentage of their services, even though some technical issues are still being worked on.

The commitment of both entities to their customers was duly supported, as the actions were undertaken were immediate and appropriate. The commitment of both entities is further to have in place alternatives, so the impact from future fiber optic cable breaks and/or damages, can be mitigated.

Parties all are fully aware of the impact a lack of/poor telecommunication services has on the entire community of St. Maart and vowed to work with an undeterred focus on maximizing the potential of their services. Brandon stated:” That the open dialogue permitted a good understanding of the situation and the issues the entities faced in restoring services. Even though the cable break was beyond the control of anyone, parties are obligated to seek and have in place redundancy routes to combat such cable breaks. The Chamber of Commerce would continue its actions until received confirmation that such redundancy is put in place.”

The Sint Maarten Chamber of Commerce will continue to work with and closely follow the progress made by both entities in this regard, in the interest of the community, with follow-up communications to the entities and the Government of Sint Maarten.

Source: St. Martin News Network
UTS AND TELEM Group participated in urgent meeting with Chamber of Commerce.