UTS headquarters seemingly broken-in or vandalized. (UPDATED)

PHILIPSBURG:— UTS main building in Philipsburg is currently closed as police investigates what transpired at the telephone company main branch. Information reaching SMN News states that two doors and two windows of the building were shattered.
At first it appeared as though shots were fired at the building but that seemingly has been ruled out and the intruders appeared to have used a crowbar to inflict the damages.
CEO of the company Glen Carty could not be reached and so far police is busy looking at the surveillance cameras to see what exactly transpired and identify the culprits.
The suspect that vandalized the UTS main building around 11pm Wednesday night has been identified by police through surveillance camera. SMN News learned that police viewed several video surveillance tapes and they managed to see the suspect walking through Zoutsteeg alley coming from Back Street then he crossed the street towards Chippie Cafe, at that location the culprit pulled a hoodie over his head and approached the UTS main branch. When infront of the UTS building, the suspect took out what appears to be an ice pick and started to punch holes on the windows and doors that were damaged. Police are now on the hunt for the culprit.

Source: St. Martin News Network
UTS headquarters seemingly broken-in or vandalized. (UPDATED)