UTS Services down since early Friday morning, technicians working on resolving issues — Carty — Services Restored (UPDATED)

phonesoutofservicefillin29042016PHILIPSBURG:— Users of UTS Chippie are being affected since early Friday morning since the network have been encountering some technical problems.
CEO of the company Glen Carty said the services went down since 4:30am Friday morning and his technicians have been working ever since then technicians at UTS have been working to get the network back up and running. In a brief statement Carty said the technicians have identified the problem which he said is a faulty card in Miami. “The engineers in Miami or working on it. We hope to have the services restored soon, more details will be released in press statement later.”
The technicians identified a technical issue with transmission equipment on the international circuits in the US. All efforts are being made to rectify the matter in the shortest period of time possible.
In the meantime, UTS are exploring possibilities with other operators in the US to reroute our circuits and traffic. The part was obtained and installation started shortly after noon on Friday. All services should be fully restored by 2:30 PM on Friday. This was 10 hour outage due to a faulty piece of equipment (card ) in Miami. A release will be issued later with more details. UTS will also meet with international providers to eliminate this one point of failure to avoid recurrence of this.

At 4.27am on Friday, April 29 an equipment failure at UTS’ carrier partner in Miami caused an outage on the Chippie and CaribServe networks. The outage affected all customers in the Eastern Caribbean region and lasted until 2.22pm. Due to a challenge in the availability of resources in Miami, the outage lasted longer than expected. Even though UTS has two international routes to the US mainland for its data transport, this outage unfortunately still caused by a single point of failure in Florida. UTS has taken this outage and the inconvenience caused to its customers very seriously and has already commenced a redesign of the off-island backhaul infrastructure to eliminate possible future outages due to a single network design weakness. The UTS technical teams in St. Maarten and Curacao worked together with the international carrier partner, to minimize downtime and troubleshoot. UTS sincerely regrets any inconvenience caused to its customers and the community and thanks the public for their understanding as technicians worked diligently to restore service.

Press Release from UTS.

Source: St. Martin News Network
UTS Services down since early Friday morning, technicians working on resolving issues — Carty — Services Restored (UPDATED)