VROMI Minister still waiting on GEBE to provide information on power outages.

chrisemmanuel18012017PHILIPSBURG:— Minister of VROMI Christopher Emmanuel announced on Wednesday that so far he did not get any type of information from GEBE with regards to the island-wide blackout and constant load shedding these past few days. Emmanuel said several residents called him to resolve the problem or to at least give them information but he also did not have electricity and so far he was not updated. He said he did speak with one member of the management team who promised to get back to him with answers and as soon as he gets those answers he will pass it on to the media.
Road Repairs.
The Minister said that residents of St. Peters are complaining because the roads in the St. Peters area are closed due to the roadworks currently taking place. He said the roadworks in that area should be completed by month end.
The Minister further explained that during his meeting with the supervisory and management board of GEBE which he described as an introductory meeting.
The Minister of VROMI assured that one of the things that have top priority for him is the landfill that outlived its landfill over ten years now. He called on the residents of St. Maarten to assist with the proper disposal of garbage by separating the garbage at home. The Minister said that there is some that have a facility that is ready for recycling but that will be in full operation within the next few months. He insists that if residents begin the separation of their household waste it will make a huge difference. As for the collection of waste, the Minister said he is somewhat pleased with the way garbage are being picked up but Middle Region he said has to make some more improvements.

Source: St. Martin News Network
VROMI Minister still waiting on GEBE to provide information on power outages.