VSA and Actuary met Stakeholders on NHI.

PHILIPSBURG:— Last week a number of meetings were conducted with the actuary, Willis Towers Watson, together with the Ministry of VSA. The group met with a number of stakeholders such as business groups, senior citizens representatives, consumers, and unions, to present a preliminary version of an economic model for National Health Insurance.
“The meetings were very open and positive. Many questions were posed and many assumptions were challenged. One of the main challenges is the collection and availability of data. To give an example, even the size of the population is disputed. Based on feedback received, the actuary will refine and improve the model.” stated Minister Lee.
A government is committed to Universal Health Coverage, bringing accessible, affordable and quality healthcare to the people of St Maarten. The government is equally committed to making sure the plan is financially sustainable and economically feasible.
According to Minister Lee, “If the system is underfinanced, this will translate into problems delivering quality health care. If the system is unfairly financed, the will create a burden for the country and our economy. We are looking for the Goldilocks solution…Not too hard, not too soft but just right.”

Source: St. Martin News Network
VSA and Actuary met Stakeholders on NHI.