Wendy Killer killed in Baie Mahault Prison.

Basseterre/ Guadeloupe:— The 22 year old suspect who admitted to raping and killing the 21 year old Belgium tourist identified as Wendy Montulet was killed some time Thursday night at the Baie Mahault house of detention.
According to Captain Regis Turlan Arto the suspect was transferred to Guadeloupe on Thursday morning, he appeared before the courts at 2pm for his arraignment then taken to the Baie Mahault house of detention where he was killed some time in the night. Unconfirmed reports states that the suspect that the suspect was killed of strangulation and or linching.
Turlan Arto said the Gendarmerie on St. Martin was informed of the killing Friday morning.
As reported by SMN News the suspect who admitted to killing the Beligum young woman is the son of a Territorial Police, however, the Gendarmes neither the French Prosecutor would not confirm the identity of the suspect.

Source: St. Martin News Network
Wendy Killer killed in Baie Mahault Prison.