What is going on at Alegria Residences, Is Government aware of the situation?

alegriabossdumpinggarbage05AIRPORT:— Something is rotten in the state of Alegria, and no it’s not the trash pile up at the Residences, it’s worse, far worse.

By now, you’ve probably read the stories of time-share owners, banks and others losing money with Alegria, an Ascend Hotel (formally Caravanserai). Or maybe you read about Alegria dumbing sewage in the ocean last year. Did you hear about the fire-bombing at C-Lounge? (A tenant with a ten year lease, the longest of any tenant)

Did you hear about…

– The ongoing legal battle at Marty’s Dream Bar?
– Padlocks on Residences electrical closet?
– The Zika Virus pool?
– Turning off Resident Outside Security lights at night?
– The Parking lot permit agreement scam?
– The maintenance bill scam?
– Shutting off hot water?
– Shutting off GEBE services to residences?
– Shutting of AC Chillers?
– Ordering trash pickup to not collect trash?
– The recurring removal of Residence outside garbage bins?
– Disassembly of Resident Elevator for spare parts?
– Removal of Resident outside light fixtures for use at the Hotel?
– Ordering maintenance to stop cleaning up after hotel guests on Alegria owned property adjacent to the Residences?
– The struggle is real….

Reason dictates that the problem rests with shared resources and how to allocate these costs among a Hotel, Casino, Residences, Restaurants, Shops and the famous and expanding Sunset Beach Bar, now in partnership with Alegria management. (i.e. Shared resources meaning shared water pipeline, shared GEBE services, shared septic services, shared parking,

shared generator services and so on…) Unfortunately, it has become quite clear the end goal of Alegria management is not to share, but to evict and redevelop. To achieve their outcome intimidation and harassment ensues, daily.

Local authority is needed.

It is a sad state of affairs here at Alegria. Foreigners fighting foreigners with lawsuits flying in every direction. In the middle of it all is the local Sint Maartener Alegria employee working security, concierge, maintenance, house-keeping and other essential jobs. These local employees are torn between appeasing their boss and doing what is right. While the foreigners all cower behind lawyers that represent their interests, it is the local employee who finds him/ herself in a hostile work environment.

Local authority is needed.

They say management starts at the top. The Boss sets the tone and attitude for the
organization. Here is the “Billionaire” Boss/Owner of Alegria Hotel Friday night removing outside trash bins and throwing garbage bags at the Residence building.

Source: St. Martin News Network
What is going on at Alegria Residences, Is Government aware of the situation?