What is going on at the St. Maarten Housing Development Foundation (SMHDF).

PHILIPSBURG:— A letter in the mailbox of SMN News poses several questions pertaining to the functioning of the SMGDF and the mental instability of the General Director of the foundation.

Beneath are the questions for the Supervisory Board of Directors. SMN News upon reading the contents of the letter tried reaching the President of the Supervisory Board of Directors Elton Fos for a comment but he could not be reached by telephone. SMN News will follow up on this article later this week.

Questions about Sint Maarten Housing Development Foundation Supervisory Board appointment of the present General Director, and experiences after the appointment of the director in question:

– How did the Supervisory Board of SMHDF come to the appointment of Helen Salomons as General Director?
– Was there a selection for the vacant position of General Director?
– Why was there an ad in the newspaper for the position of a Technical Director and not one for a General Director, while the technical manager with an experience of more than 15 years was not requested to take the position of Technical Director?
– Both the technical manager and the now General Director were interim directors at SMHDF, what is the reason that one of them was appointed without screening or having an ad in the newspaper for vacancy of the position?
– What is the reason that after several persons were interviewed for the position of Technical Director, no decision has been made yet for the vacant position?
– Did the Supervisory Board instruct the General Director to have a psychological test done to determine if she is mentally able to take on such task?
– Did the Supervisory Board know that the General Director has a mental health record?
– Did the Supervisory Board know that the General Director was under mental health treatment at the time that she was appointed by the Supervisory Board for the position of General Director?
– Did the Supervisory Board know that the General Director was taken several times in the mental health facility over the past years?
– Have any of the Supervisory Board members notice any strange behavior of the General Director that would have given them any doubt that something could be mentally wrong with the General Director?
– It is said on the streets that the General Director at one point had to be taken in the middle of the night from her house by ambulance to be interned in the mental health ward; do any of the Supervisory Board members of SMHDF have any knowledge of that?
– How is it possible that SMHDF has money for building new houses and does not have money to execute repair works?
– How is it possible that the foundation has money to paint the office building and change the logo of the foundation, while they are saying that they do not have enough money to do repairs, paintwork and maintenance of the rental houses?
– Changing of a logo of any company does not improve the operation of the company.
– How is it possible that according to information in the media, the foundation was able to purchase properties when they do not have sufficient money to do repairs or build houses?
– Since 2014 there was a groundbreaking celebration for placing of the first stone for the construction of the Border Point Commercial Building and addition to the Senior Homes in Belvedere; to this day neither of the two of them has been built?
– Why acquire more property when SMHDF cannot execute the pending constructions?
– Calling herself the “The Magic behind SMHDF” in the newspaper, wouldn’t it have been a better name as “The Black Magic behind SMHDF”?
– By the way, just asking, do the Supervisory Board members know that there are stories on the roads of Belvedere that the General Director practices black magic to confuse them so she can maintain her position?
– It is commonly known that on Sint Maarten many things happen as nepotism favors or in self-interest of the ones in power.
– The Supervisory Board of SMHDF better wakeup before it is too late and the government of Sint Maarten would take them to court based on non-confidence. Since the government at this time has the minimum of “one” representative in the Supervisory Board of SMHDF and they are not that happy with that situation.

Source: St. Martin News Network
What is going on at the St. Maarten Housing Development Foundation (SMHDF).