WIB damaged smoke detector caused panic.

wibsmokedetector24082016PHILIPSBURG:— Employees of the Windward Islands Bank and Student Support Services cleared their offices on Wednesday morning around 9:15am when the fire alarm in the Windward Islands Bank (WIB) went off.
Police and fire trucks responded to the scene while the workers of the bank and those in the building next to the bank rushed out of their offices fearing that there might have been a fire in the bank.
On the scene, the firemen and police checked the building to see if there was any smoke or fire that caused the alarm to go off.
Fire Officer Antonio Gibbs said they were called the police who told them that there was a fire at the bank, Officer Gibbs said upon checking it turned out that the smoke detector located on the roof of the building was damaged and that caused it to go off. The fire officer made clear that there was no fire or smoke in the bank when they checked the building. He said the damaged smoke detector was immediately replaced by the bank’s security. Officer Gibbs urged members of the public to call the fire department directly at their number 919 and not the police. He said calling the police caused a delay, therefore, businesses and residents must call the fire department in order for them to dispatch faster.
Shortly after that, the employees of the bank returned to work along with those from the Student Support office that is located next door.

Source: St. Martin News Network
WIB damaged smoke detector caused panic.