William Marlin to lead National Alliance as leader to contest September 26th Parliamentary Election.

naleadersmarlinjacobs240620NA looking for 10 seats and four years in office to complete the work they started.

Dawn Beach:— The National Alliance congress held at the Westin Dawn Beach was packed to capacity as their supporters turn out in large numbers.
At the congress several awards  were  given out to long standing supporters who stood beside the party ever since it was established in 1975. The National Alliance plans to give out some more awards in 2018, those awards were named after the party’s stalwarts who have now passed. Some of the names mentioned are the Edgar Lynch award, Camile Baly award, Vance James Jr award among others. The moderator along with the party leader said that the committee that is working on those awards needed time to prepare for the event which will be given out in 2018.
Party leader and now Prime Minister William Marlin was reinstated as party leader by acclamation as no one else was nominated for the leading position, the same happened for the deputy leader seat which is held by Minister of Education Silveria Jacobs. Both the leader and deputy leader were reinstated by acclamation.
The board members and Members of Parliament  and all present  at the event supported the two to continue the leadership of the party for the September 26th parliamentary elections.
The NA will release the names of the candidates that will be contesting the elections on August 8th 2016 (postulation day).
In his speech Marlin rallied the supporters of the National Alliance to go out there and campaign as hard as they could since there are 10 political parties that will be contesting the upcoming parliamentary elections. He said that is the modus operandi to split voters this election. Marlin said his party is looking to capture ten seats this election and they are also looking for a four year term in order to complete the work they started. Marlin said the NA was never given a  real chance to work for the people of St. Maarten and the nine months they are in office is not enough to complete the things they want done for the country. He however, gave credit to the leader of the DP Sarah Wescot Williams, MP Silvio Mater and MP Maurice Lake for giving them the opportunity to govern the country. Marlin said the white elephant or pigeon coop that he used to call the government building on Pond Island that stood there for eight years unsuable will be occupied soon because his government managed to get the ball rolling on the completion of the building, another milestone is the ability to build a proper medical institution (hospital) on St. Maarten, the balancing of 2015 and 2016 budget that the previous government could not balance, the repairs done on Front and Back street and repairs to some of the schools on the island. He insisted that while there are number of political parties contesting this election with the only aim to split the votes up, he urged his  supporters and candicates that will be running on National Alliance slate to go out there and gather the people together and get the votes needed to give them NA 10 seats and a full four year term.

Source: St. Martin News Network
William Marlin to lead National Alliance as leader to contest September 26th Parliamentary Election.