Woman shot dead in Leader Price parking lot — Gendarmes calling on witnesses.

leaderpricemurder13072016MARIGOT:— A metropolitan woman living on St. Martin was shot to death in the Leader Price parking lot this morning. The captain of the Gendarmerie Emmanuel Mangion confirmed the homicide committed at the Leader Price parking area. The shooting appears to be between the victim and someone that she had some problems with, the shooter appears to have settled the problems they had by shooting the victim that lives in the Orient Bay area by shooting her to death. The shooter was on a scooter said Mangion. Mangion further stated that the investigation just started and he does not have much information on the case. 

On Wednesday, July 13, 2016 at 9:10, a 67 year old woman was shot dead near her vehicle in the parking lot of the “Leader Price” located Mont Vernon II in St. Martin.
The means used by the investigators already raised many human and technical information that are being exploited by the brigade of research of St. Martin that is investigating the case. The alleged gunshots circulate on two wheel (Scooter), the rider was wearing  a helmet at the time  he used a handgun to commit the crime.

The RCMP invites anyone who have not yet been contacted gendarmerie but  has information to help the investigators to identify the shooter or the vehicle used. Possible witneses are asked to call “17” or to visit the Gendarmerie in  La Savane to provide the investigators with the information they may have on the high day shooting.

Furthermore, the gendarmerie also invites individuals and professionals with a private video protection filming all or part of the public highway and have interesting points of investigation to visit the premises of the brigade research La Savane to disclose the information.

Source: St. Martin News Network
Woman shot dead in Leader Price parking lot — Gendarmes calling on witnesses.