Zorg en Rust shooting suspect arrested.

arrestedfillin26092014PHILIPSBURG:— Police and Detectives are presently investigating a shooting which took place on Tuesday February 16th at approximately 10.00 p.m. in area of Zorg en Rust in Dutch Quarter. The investigating officers on the scene learnt, that an argument had taken place involving two men with the initials C.M. and H.E., in connection with and ongoing feud between them. During the confrontation shots were fired. C.M. was arrested as a suspect on the scene in connection with the investigation. A search of the suspects’ home was also done and an amount of drugs were found and confiscated for further investigation. No one was hurt during the shooting.

Student arrested for drugs and weapon possession

On Wednesday February 17th at approximately 12.00 p.m. a sixteen year old student with initials E.C. attending secondary school was arrested by police on the L.B. Scot road. The police was called because this student and some other friends were busy smoking drugs in the area. During students’ arrest a search of his school bag was done and four small plastic bags each containing an amount of marihuana and a brace knuckle was found. The drugs and weapon were confiscated for further investigation. The student was taken to the Philipsburg police station for questioning.
The police department is again taking this opportunity to advise all parents to monitor their children and their activities during and after school hours. Monitor their behavior to see if there any changes that could indicate that they may be using marihuana.
Signs of Marijuana Use
Physical Change:
• Bloodshot eyes
• Fast heart rate
• Sleepy, lethargic
• Lack of coordination
• Increase cravings for snacks
Change in Actions:
• Confusion and lack of focus
• Unusually talkative
• Dropping studies or usual activities
• Misjudging time
• Secretiveness

For further information search the Internet for “Signs and Symptoms of marijuana use”.

Source: St. Martin News Network Zorg en Rust shooting suspect arrested.