157 students pass at Milton Peters College and Sundial School. | SMN NEWS

mpcsundial11072023PHILIPSBURG:— On July 6, the results of the second round of the Dutch exam programs were announced.
A larger than normal group of students took part in the second round, either to improve one grade for tertiary education purposes or because they had missed an exam during the first round due to sickness or because they had to improve a grade in order to pass.
Of the 235 candidates from PBL, PKL, TKL, HAVO and VWO it is now final that 157 students passed: 34 MPC PBL-PKL (56%), 34 Sundial PBL-PKL (68%), 40 TKL (69%), 38 HAVO (75%) and 11 VWO (73%), which results in an overall pass rate of 67%. …

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