Alain Richardson announces candidacy for 2017 elections

French St. martin News: – Former president of the Collectivité Alain Richardson says that he will be a candidate in the elections in 2017, though he is not sure that he will run with the same party, “because of the issues and the dynamics that lie ahead.”

Richardson maintains that St. Martin was never treated fairly and that the island was never taken seriously by France and the French Government. He is appealing to those who were in government before as president of the Collectivité since this is where the “ball must start rolling.”

“No longer will St. Martin accept to be treated as the bastard child of France, to be abandoned – a quote from the Prime Minister of France. St. Martin means business and will ensure for the next five to ten years there will be a plan of action to eradicate some of the handicaps we are faced with in the field of infrastructure and education, and training and equal opportunities for the youth.”

“When we are able to obtain that, I am sure that St. Martin will be able to sail back in those waters of growth and prosperity, where the resilience of the people will again be seen,” said Richardson. “St. Martin needs to be heard and we will do what ever it takes to take away those hurdles which were the downfall of the territory.”

Richardson said that even though there are many who would want to contest the elections there is need for experienced candidates. “However, because of what the island is faced with and the wall that France has placed for us to cross, I am convinced there must be greater understanding and greater heart shown by holding hands together and cross those obstacles in the best interest of St. Martin.”

Source: Today SXM Alain Richardson announces candidacy for 2017 elections