Armand Meda writes: Running Sewage and mosquitoes

Dear Editor,

You’ve got to give honor to whom honor is due. The Honorable Minister Emil Lee stepped out from the comfort zones of his air conditioned office and upscale neighborhoods and visited one of the homes in Middle Region that has been experiencing hell when it comes to running sewage and mosquitoes. Though I applaud his visit to that one location, I am curious as to what steps are being taken or even considered to bring an end to that deplorable situation. This should not be the last visit by the Minister of VSA. I am not the Minister of Labor, Health and Social Development, but I’ve taken the opportunity to visit several homes that have been affected by constant running waste. I’ve listened to the complaints of residents who feel betrayed and forgotten by politicians and the different departments.  Unfortunately, those residents continue to pay taxes so ministers can be paid their monthly salaries. 

It may not be an entire community, but make no mistake it always starts with one home. There are similar and maybe even worse issues of running waste throughout several neighborhoods that have been neglected. South Reward, St. Peters, and Cay Hill are areas that I have been informed where such problems exist and where residents live in fear of an outbreak of viruses like the Zika Virus.  At time of writing, there is one confirmed case on Dutch St. Maarten.  One home, then one neighborhood, then one community, and eventually the entire island.  Yes, focusing on one home is important.  I have seen the dirty water running into the backyards, into homes and even inside one’s kitchen where food is being prepared. In some areas, I was welcomed by ridiculous swarms of mosquitoes, where no man, woman or child should be living under such conditions.

Those neighborhoods do not have abandon pools in their backyards, but they do have raw sewage constantly running in front their gates. The place called home should offer a safe and relaxing atmosphere for all the residents of St. Maarten and not just a chosen few. Unfortunately we have several residents crying for help.   Minister Lee, don’t you think it’s time you roll up your sleeves and start doing something about the illegal leakage of sewage water?  We understand you were not the last one, neither will you be the next one, but right now you are the current one and the job is in your hands. 

Enjoy the view.

Armand Meda

Source: Today SXM Armand Meda writes: Running Sewage and mosquitoes