Bikers over 50 power sales in the Netherlands

THE HAGUE – Sales of new motorcycles in the Netherlands rose for the second consecutive year in 2015, according to Central Bureau for statistics CBS. In total, 11,000 new motorcycles were sold last year, a 10 percent increase on 2014 sales. Demand for motorcycles is highest among consumers older than 50. There is now one motorbike for every 20 adults in the Netherlands and almost half of these bikes belong to people older than 50.

Until 2014, motorcycle ownership was highest among people in their forties. Now, as the Netherlands’ baby boomers retire and take to the road, 50-65-year-olds own the most motorbikes, the CBS said. The number of motorbikes owned by the over-65s has doubled since 2008. The best-selling motorbike in the Netherlands for the last two years was the BMW R1200GS, a heavy, powerful touring bike suited for long distance riding.

Source: Today SXM Bikers over 50 power sales in the Netherlands