Bosman gives antillean-immigration legislation another shot

THE HAGUE – VVD-parliamentarian André Bosman is giving his initiative law aimed at keeping underprivileged citizens from St. Maarten. Curacao and Aruba out of the Netherlands. The Telegraaf reports that Bosman will submit his adjusted initiative law to the Second Chamber.

Bosman wants Antilleans to have work, enough assets or an education before they are permitted to establish themselves in the Netherlands. Two years ago, there was not enough support for the legislation, but Bosman wants to give it one more try.

If there is no majority for the law, Bosman’s party demands that the government presents a similar initiative as soon as possible. The governing accord the VVD and the PvdA signed says that migration from the islands will be curbed.

It is questionable that Bosman will find his majority this time, the Telegraaf observes, because coalition partner PvdA refuses to sign off on the law. Other parties could still give the VVD the desired support.

Bosman’s draft law speaks of ‘passport holders’ while the governing accord mentions ‘residents.’ The PvdA objects to the use of the term passport holders.

However, Bosman does not want to change this technical detail, because it would make the law unworkable. It would then for instance also apply to European Dutch who have lived temporarily on the islands. Bosman reminds the social-democrats that otherwise the cabinet will present its legislation: “The limitation of immigration will become a fact anyway.”

The islands’ position is that The Hague is not allowed to ban people with a passport from the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Bosman disagrees: “We have agreed that this is allowed and they (the islands – ed.) are doing this as well. If they say that my draft law is racist, they are actually saying the same thing about their own regulations. They demand exactly the same requirements when people from the Netherlands want to establish themselves on the islands.”

Source: Today SXM Bosman gives antillean-immigration legislation another shot