Breakthrough artists launch video

GREAT BAY – On Monday, Breakthrough Talent winners of 2016 launched their music video “Trust and Time” at the Telem Group main building on Pond Island. The video was created by the young artists: George Woodley, Aesha Gibson, Keeshaun Hodge, Kevin Lambert, Diandra Marlin and Leo Alexander, who were also the faces of TelCell for the past year. The video was produced by Rock ‘N’ Vibes lable, “Mr. Rude” Fleming and directed by Joel Ayuk of CANI TV. It will soon be available on YouTube and other social media sites.
After the event coordinator, Ashley Richardson spoke, she showed them the video for the first time. As they watched their work, their faces lit up. Their expressions showed joy and satisfaction – their hard work and frustration paid off. They each received a chance to express their experience and their stories all had something common – determination. Some even had past experiences with Breakthrough where they didn’t go as far as they wished they would, and even though they were discouraged, they pushed themselves to try again with the help of their parents – showing that what one needs to get far in life is a lot of “Trust and Time”.

Source: TODAY