Brison presents motion to have full investigation on the demolition of Diamond Estate Ruins.

~Building Stop issued to Court House renovations.~

PHILIPSBURG:— Member of Parliament and Leader of the United People’s Party Rolando Brison presented a motion on the floor of parliament on Thursday when the continuation of the  public meeting resumed.
Brison through his motion mandated the government of St. Maarten to conduct an indebt investigation to identify the person or persons responsible for the demolition of the ruins at Diamond Estate in the middle of the night.
Brison said in his motion that the person or persons who instructed Taliesin Construction to demolish the ruins must …

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  1. Brison hypocrite. Everybody said it was Andy Wescott who was involved. Brison included. Why the fuzz with an investigation? Call a spade a spade. Yeah, Andy did it. And so what. Nobody every gave flying fck about the ruins at diamond estate. Never. Ever. Nobody protected it and nobody ever tried to restore it. A pile of stones hidden in the bush and 99% of Sint Marteners didnt even know it existed. Brison included. So what does he wanna proof with his motion?