Business day at St. Maarten Academy

St. Maarten News – The St. Maarten Academy for preparatory secondary vocational education (PSVE) hosts a business day on Friday March 4. The event challenges students to turn ideas into final products.

The academy’s business department wants to get its students “fully involved in exploring their creativity through invention.”

The business day consists of an administration, commerce and economics competition part. In the competition, one student per class will represent his or her group by answering a variety of questions.

Following the competition is the pitch it forward segment, where students turn their inventions into a final product, “challenging them to use their natural, God given talent as a means of gaining a competitive edge in society.”

The school expects that the event will encourage students to think outside the box and to give them the drive to own and operate their own business.

Students will pitch their ideas to a group of investors and will be judged on their creativity, ability to market and the ability to attract investors.

The product categories students will focus on vary from bath item and toys and games to house wares, and food.

At the end of the day there is a buying and selling competition. Students will organize their booths and sell food items outside of the class. When the event ends, students will compile a profit and loss statement. The class with the most profitable result will be declared the winner.

The event begins at 8 a.m.

Source: Today SXM Business day at St. Maarten Academy