Calypsonian The Mighty Magic gets lifetime award in Trinidad


magic_calypso_awardElias Rampersad showing his calypso life time achievement award. Photo Today

St. Maarten – Elias Rampersad also known as The Mighty Magic, who was a member of the famous calypso group the Troubadours and wrote the well known calypso song Obey The Highway Code, was awarded by The Trinbago Unified Calypsonians’ Organization also known as TUCO.

Rampersad was awarded for his decades of involvement and contribution to the art and culture of calypso music. Over fifty years Rampersad is involved in the world of calypso music. And for being involved and contributing he was rewarded with a life time achievement award.

Rampersad was born in Libertville, Rio Claro 82 years ago. The octogenarian, who has been living in St. Maarten for the last 50 years, went to Trinidad to receive his award. Rampersad told the Today newspaper that he felt like a real king, because of the way he was treated by the hosts of the calypso event.

“Over the years I have performed for presidents, governors, prime ministers, the ordinary man and tourists throughout the Caribbean.” Rampersad added. “While touring the Caribbean I sold my songs and composed a lot more songs. I have been to Jamaica, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and many other islands, putting out the messages that I wrote my songs about”.

Among the many other songs The Mighty Magic are: The Letter, Bubbler’s Dance, Woman Power, Referendum and Coming Out Of The Closet. Rampersad is by far the island’s most famous calypso artist. The 82-year-old artist is proud of the award he received and that he was even more proud about the fact that some of his songs are still being played on radio stations throughout the Caribbean, even after more than 50 years.

Magic sees himself as what he calls a witness of all the crossroads of the history of the Caribbean. He says that the Caribbean has changed a lot over the past decades and he feels proud that he has witnessed so many changes. One thing he always kept focusing on was making people aware of social and cultural problems that go hand in hand with the changes that have been taken place in recent and less recent history of the Caribbean.

“It is very important that the culture and art of calypso will be preserved for future generations,” Rampersad said. “Especially the younger generation should be more aware of the cultural value of the calypso art form. Throughout the culture behind calypso, it is very easy to spread a message of awareness.”

Source: Today SXM Calypsonian The Mighty Magic gets lifetime award in Trinidad