Carl John in St. Kitts to discuss Fortune’s return


GREAT BAY – Chief Commissioner Carl John and a public prosecutor are currently in St. Kitts to discuss the situation of Kathron ‘Cuchi’ Fortune, who was captured last weekend on the island. Justice Minister Rafael Boasman said yesterday that efforts are being made to improve the cooperation with nearby jurisdictions like St. Kitts, Antigua and Anguilla. Currently there is no extradition treaty in place between St. Kits and St. Maarten. This could complicate the return of Fortune to St. Maarten.

The 38-year old is “a suspect in many crimes that took place during the time he was out,” Boasman said. Fortune is for instance a suspect in the murder of two 23-year old men, Luiz Diaz-Sarante and Edwin Rosario who disappeared on December 5 of last year and whose remains were most likely found on Tuesday in Belair.

“The chief of police and a prosecutor are currently in St. Kitts to discuss matters with the authorities,” Minister Boasman said yesterday morning. He stressed the importance of better cooperation with the nearby jurisdictions.


“We are in close proximity to each other; criminals commit a crime in one place and then flee to another jurisdiction.”

Boasman said that the chiefs of police of St. Maarten. Anguilla, St. Kitts and Antigua have been discussing improved levels of cooperation in the fight against crime.

Asked whether efforts are underway to establish extradition treaties, Minister Boasman said, “That’s what I mean with regional cooperation, especially with countries in close proximity to us. Those types of arrangements – especially extradition – are being worked on.”

Source: TODAY