Carnival 2017 registration opens, process fully online

ST.MAARTEN – The St. Maarten Carnival Development Foundation (SCDF) opened registration for Carnival 2017, a process that will take place fully online. This is the latest preparatory phase as the foundation is getting ready to host St. Maarten’s 48th Carnival festivities.

Since the close of Carnival 2016, the foundation has had a very active “offseason” with the election of a new president in the person of Alston Lourens, appointing new board members to the foundation, the outsourcing of its Calypso competition to Fernando Clark, the formulation of the 2017 schedule which will soon be released and dealing with several other operational matters.

Carnival registration remains open until November 1.

Registration forms for all things Carnival can be found at Lourens explained that only registrations obtained through the online process will be considered valid. “In the past we often received registrations via means that were a challenge to control. Most of the business of Carnival now is done digitally. It was a natural progression for us to move the registration process online. The less paper, the better,” Lourens said.

Source: Today SXM Carnival 2017 registration opens, process fully online