Cay Bay Beach and cemetery get clean-up


St. Maarten News – Political party Hope cleaned up at the Cay Bay Beach and the adjoining Cay Bay cemetery last Saturday in collaboration with the St. Maarten Nature Foundation, collecting twenty garbage bags filled with all types of garbage along the beach, the adjoining road and cemetery.

Amongst the garbage collected were items such as many condoms, cigarette boxes, liquor and beer bottles, plastic, styrofoam cups and food containers, cans, glass, ropes and a broken microwave.

“Tossed along the roadside by the cemetery we found old fridges, many wooden pallets, construction waste materials, household appliances, like old cement bannisters, rusted steel, broken tiles, and old bed frames,” Hope-leader Mercedes Van der Waald-Wyatt said in a press statement.

In the cemetery the volunteers collected some plastic bottles and they also found a dead dog rotting away in a garbage bag on the roadside.

Nature Foundation manager Tadzio Bervoets said that the community needs to be more responsible in the way it disposes of garbage and that the government could help by placing more garbage bins and 20-yard skips to depose of large debris.

Source: Today SXM Cay Bay Beach and cemetery get clean-up