Central Bank board wants to fire President Tromp

GREAT BAY – The supervisory board of the Central Bank has advised Curacao and St. Maarten to fire the bank’s president Dr. Emsley Tromp. The board considers the current situation unacceptable and damaging to the bank;s reputation.

“After an absence of more than a year, the president unexpectedly came back to work last week,” the bank says in a press statement. “He attempted to take important decisions on behalf of the bank and tried to annul earlier taken decisions. This development has created unrest, a detoriaration of the situation and more damage to the bank;s reputation.”

The board says that it feels compelled to issue a measure of order whereby the president is ordered to stop working immediately. Under the measure, tromp is not allowefd to enter the grounds and the buildingsd of the central bank.

Alberto Romero has been appointed as the acting president.

Keeping tromp in his function as president is unacceptable, the central bank says in its press statement with a reference to the criminal investigation against tromp and the possible criminal prosecution. The supervisory board also points to the nature of the investigation.tromp is suspected of tax fraud and money laundering.

“Especially of the president of the central bank it may and must be expected that he is of irreproachable behavior and that there are no doubts about his integrity.”

The board states furthermore that the bank is suffering persistent damages to its reputation and that it expects more damages if tromp remains at his post. “Recently conducted security investigations show that the president is not entitled to a declaration of no objection.” Such a declaration is required for the job, because it is considered a confidential function.




Source: TODAY http://today.sx/local-news/central-bank-board-wants-fire-president-tromp/