Christmas parade cancelled because of heavy rainfall


today-1Former Minister of Education, Culture, Youth and Sports Rita Bourne-Gumbs looks into the distance seconds before she guided this group to a place where they were protected by the approaching showers. Photo Today / Milton Pieters

St. Maarten – From the looks on the faces of the young participants that assembled for the ‘Shop4Less’ Once upon a Minion Christmas parade, the anticipation was close to fever pitch. All was set for what would have turned out to be a wonderful experience, but intermittent showers made the event impossible to start.

The ever popular ‘Minions’ along with several cartoon characters was expected to be one of the highlights of the parade which was scheduled to start outside the John Larmonie Center Auditorium and proceed along the Pondfill towards the TelEm parking lot.

So did the dozens of little boys and girls who wore special makeup with matching attire just for the one of a kind occasion designed to usher in the festive season. Vehicles were already lined up on both sides of the road, Carnival style because the young and old participants were expected to put a smile on everyone’s faces.

Former Minister of Education, Culture, Youth and Sports Rita Bourne-Gumbs who was instrumental in organizing the parade had made an early attempt to get the kids organized on the road just when the shower of rain came crashing down.

Things were not looking well when Gordon Yee approached a group of parents and kids who were seeking shelter under a tent on the parking lot of the John Larmonie Center. He explained the situation and the decision to call it off was unanimous.

The disappointment on the faces of some kids was evident, but the parents were spared the task of having to make frequent visits to the family doctor in addition to explaining to the various school heads why the boys and girls were not in school. Now those kids will have to wait another day for a chance to share the glory with the cartoon characters.




Source: Today SXM Christmas parade cancelled because of heavy rainfall