Cleanup Bakker Recycling stops at the gate


GREAT BAY – A sign that reads in screaming red letters ‘No dumping! Redirect to landfill’ marks the site of Bakker Recycling on Pond Island. The biggest mess outside of the gate has been cleaned up, thought a couple of large pieces still remain.

“The idea is to clean up the whole property,” Vromi-Minister Christophe Emmanuel said yesterday. “It is government land, but there are issues concerning the wrecks on the inside. They do not belong to the government.”

Minister Emmanuel said that his department is working on a solution but noted that ‘the individual’ (André Bakker – ed.) is incarcerated. “We’re busy getting a representative on his behalf to deal with certain issues. The equipment that is used to crush wrecks does not belong to him either so we are talking to two parties.”


Police arrested André Bakker in March at the request of Dutch judicial authorities as a suspect in a large-scale money laundering investigation. Soon after, activities at the recycling place stopped and not long afterwards, resident saw fit to dump their car wrecks in front of the gate.

In June, Vromi began a cleanup operation but is actions were limited to the debris outside the gates of the recycling company. To complete the cleanup, the government will first have to solve property-issues with the incarcerated company-owner and with the owner of the equipment that is used to crush car wrecks.

Source: TODAY