Collectivité considers now paid parking in Marigot


MARIGOT ( – The blue zone the Collectivité introduced for Marigot in June of last year only lasted two months. By the end of July, the government suspended the zone – an area where parking was allowed for only a limited time – or at least its ticketing, because of refurbishment works carried out downtown on the waste water and sanitation network.
The ticketing, assumed by the territorial police, was mainly responsible for the system’s success in its first weeks.
Four months later, once the works were over, the blue paint disappeared and the blue zone was no longer respected. The signposting, however, is still in place. Due to the imminent elections, there was little incentive to punish the potential electors who did not respect the rules.
The free shuttle service between Galisbay parking and the market roundabout has not been a success among car drivers either; they prefer to look for a parking space downtown.
Yet the question remains: are the rules of the blue zone still enforced? In theory, this answer is yes. In theory, you should still put your disk on the dashboard of your vehicle, to indicate your arrival time; the territorial police must ticket car drivers who do not use the disk correctly.
In light of this fiasco, the new majority has started to consider introducing parking charges. “The relevant departments have been asked to examine how to charge certain parking places, and how to install parking meters,” President Daniel Gibbs said at a press conference last Thursday. He pointed out that the mayor had taken an administrative decision back in the days before the territory became a Collectivité. Studies into paid parking will be carried out in September.
The previous government did not want to install parking meters system, as it was weary that criminals would steal the money they contain and vandalize the machines.
Studies examining various parking models and parking management systems (Galisbay and Marina Royale) date back to 2011.

Source: TODAY