Conflicting situation

The Electoral Council has interposed in the current political turmoil, without prior consent with the governor, for the main reason that the governor up until this date has not signed the decree to dissolve parliament.

I believe that all parties – the governor, the new majority in parliament and the voters – are taking this situation lightly.

The Electoral Council should not and cannot jump the gun by calling on the political parties to register prior to the signing of the degree to dissolve parliament by the governor.

And the care taker prime minister cannot instruct the Electoral Council to prepare for new elections.

After the Council of Ministers resigns the new ministers and the new majority in parliament should turn things around for the simple reason that there will be a conflicting situation when calling for new elections after the dissolution of parliament. This is because there should be electoral reform. We cannot continue with the same system knowing that it will end up in ship jumping or otherwise.

In order to do things right, elections within three months is impossibility and therefore it will not be in conformity with the law. As such, it creates a conflicting situation with the law.

As a result the new majority in parliament and the new ministers to be appointed will have no choice but to delay the process for new elections.

Bienvenido Richardson

Source: Today SXM Conflicting situation