Court reopens investigation into gas station stabbing

GREAT BAY – The Court in First Instance has reopened the investigation into the manslaughter on Alejandro Hodge because it wants to hear a man who has possibly witnessed the stabbing that took place at the DP gas station in Dutch Quarter on September 1 of last year.
The court closed the investigation after a hearing on June 7, where the public prosecutor demanded 12 years of imprisonment against suspect Roberto Rodolphe Fernando B., while the defendant’s attorney Safira Ibrahim asked the court to acquit her client.
After the court had closed the case and set yesterday as the date for its ruling, it discovered that the investigation was not complete.
Earlier the court ruled that hearing Glenn A. as a witness was necessary because it is possible that he witnessed the stabbing. When investigators were unable to find the witness the court continued with the investigation and closed the case.
However, the public prosecutor informed the court that the witness had been found on the island. “This new information gives the court cause to reopen the investigation and to have the witness testify at the Judge of Instruction.”
The case will go again to trial on August 9.

Source: TODAY