Detective sentenced for domestic violence

RST-detective Akil Rigdiendhi Sujan van Heyningen received an 8-month conditional prison sentence in the Court in First Instance on Wednesday for ill-treating two different girlfriends on several occasions. The court imposed 3 years of probation and ordered the detective to do 120 hours of community service.

Between December 2008 and July 2009, as well as between October 2012 and December 2013, Van Heyningen kicked and hit his girlfriends on several occasions. While the court did not find all accusations proven, the defendant admitted to plenty of them. He also admitted to the court that all these ‘incidents’ should not have happened.

The court considered that Van Heyningen had applied moderate to serious violence against the two women. One of them was pregnant. “The defendant acted out of aggressive anger, mostly inspired by jealousy and always from a self-administered position of power over those women. He showed far-reaching disrespect for their physical and mental integrity.”

In the defendants favor, the court considered that he does not have a criminal record and that he is in therapy. However, according to the psychologist, the detective does not show any insight into himself. “Something that did not go unnoticed in court,” the ruling states drily.

The defendant has a narcissist personality, he shows a lack of empathy and has an exaggerated feeling of importance. The man also gave the impression that he thought he was entitled to special rights.

The court declared one of the victims inadmissible in her claim for damages. The woman demanded 10,000 guilders and the prosecution considered that the claim should be granted. The court followed the argument of attorney Cor Merx, that the claim is too complicated and that it must be declared inadmissible.

Source: Today SXM Detective sentenced for domestic violence