Divi supervisors positive about Scell training


wwwDivi trainingDivi supervisors pay attention during the 3-hour training. Photo contributed

St. Maarten  – The School of Continuing Education and Life-Long Learning (Scell) conducted a supervisory training for excellence at Divi Little Bay Beach Resort. The 3-hour training focused on organizational change, keys to being an effective supervisor and holding employees accountable. Almost twenty Divi supervisors attended the training.

Congratulations and our appreciation to Scell for another very successful training within our resort,” Divi management said afterwards. “Our supervisors who have attended the training are thrilled with the contents of the information they received and are highly motivated to put what was learned into action.”

Divi Supervisors were impressed and motivated by the training and stated:

Excellent. Excellent. Very, very excellent,” said Wendy Hassel, Divi’s food & beverage outlet manager. “I would really love to know when we are going to do this again. God Bless you Dr. Gittens. Keep up the great work.”

Sous chef Julio Alberto Haynes was also positive: “I believe and now know that this training will make me a better person and help me to continue growing and better my skills.”

 “Very good session; Very informing and directly to the point. One word: Great,” food & beverage outlet supervisor Rudolph F. Sherwood added.

I wish more government employees received this training session to learn how to communicate better with the public,” front desk supervisor Elvis Hodge noted drily.

Ms. Gittens got to the point in a way that everyone understood what was being said. I always wanted that kind of motivation, but she brought out a greater passion to be better striving to be more than mediocre, another front desk supervisor, Natacha Marville said. “That kind of energy she gave was addictive. I definitely have taken all this information and started working on being better, applying this not only at work but in my daily routine. I also have plans on furthering my education, striving for the best for myself.”

Source: Today SXM Divi supervisors positive about Scell training