Drivers of one in three buses violate permit conditions


No insurance, no driver’s license …..

St. Maarten – The Inspectorate of the ministry of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transport and Telecommunication found during controls last week Thursday and Friday that the drivers of 16 out of 46 buses – 34 percent – carrying out public transportation services violated the conditions of their permits.

The controls took place at the border with the French side on Union Road and in Belvedere.

The most serious violation the inspectorate found was among bus drivers who transported passengers to and from the French side without authorization. This transport service requires that the drivers have Dutch nationality.

The inspectorate issued furthermore fines for driving without valid insurance, and for not having a valid inspection card. Several drivers were unable to show a valid driver’s license.

Several buses were found in a state of disrepair with interiors in an unsanitary condition.

Drivers and in some cases permit holders will receive warning letters from the ministry. Repeat offenders will meet with more stringent measures and could lose their license.

Bus passengers on buses that did not meet the permit conditions were forced to get out and continue their trip with other buses.

Source: Today SXM Drivers of one in three buses violate permit conditions