Dutch island beats St. Maarten with large solar power farm

GREAT BAY – St. Maarten has more sun, but the Dutch island of Ameland will soon have the largest solar power farm in the Netherlands. It will become operational next month, broadcaster NOS reported yesterday.

The size of the farm gives an idea about the space that St. Maarten would need for a solar initiative. The solar farm has 23,000 panels and will produce enough electricity to supply all 1,700 households on the Dutch island. It covers an area of land the size of 12 football pitches and is located near the air field.

Ameland’s council wants to become completely self-sufficient in electricity by 2020. The solar farm project has three partners, the island council, the Eneco power company and a cooperative backed by the islanders themselves. While most are happy about the project and dozens of locals have invested money via the cooperative, there are some dissident voices.

Vird protection groups say the solar farm has disrupted a breeding ground for birds who like to nest on open ground. The Ameland facility will not hold the title of largest farm for long. Several bigger solar farms are being planned, including one near Delfzijl in northern Groningen.

Source: Today SXM Dutch island beats St. Maarten with large solar power farm