Dutch marechaussee car chase leads to collision and arrest

St. Maarten News – It was drama under the traffic lights late yesterday afternoon staring with a head on collision involving two red vehicles and an arrest of an un identified male at the junction of the Longwall Road.

While the details of the accident are still emerging, the arresting officers were two members of the dutch marechaussee who appeared to be chasing the man that was driving the van which collided with a car that was just about to drive over the Prince Bernard Bridge.

As a direct result of the chase by the dutch marechaussee, the front of the three vehicles almost intersected but the only one that appeared to have received injuries was the man that was handcuffed and was forcibly removed from his vehicle minutes after the accident.

Two female officers of the Philipsburg Police Station who arrived on the scene shortly after were able to redirect traffic while the ambulance was summoned to the scene to take away the injured driver for further medical evaluation.

Source: Today SXM Dutch marechaussee car chase leads to collision and arrest