Editorial: Hiccups with the garbage collection

It was not pretty but maybe it was unavoidable. The change of the guard in the garbage collection department did not go smoothly. On the contrary, garbage piled up on several places, including in the heart of Philipsburg.

We know who is responsible for each of the eight so-called parcels of garbage collection (we noticed that Maho is missing so there nobody is) but citizens may wonder what the consequences are for companies that do not do their job.

Will the government withhold part of their money? Or is it business as usual?

The government spoke of “hiccups” but to visitors and citizens it felt more like a severe neglect of duty when they were confronted with the piles of garbage.

It’s a good thing that the government has released phone numbers for the garbage collectors. At least now citizens know where they have to go with their complaints.

One phone number was missing though: the one citizens need when garbage collectors ignore their complaints.

Source: Today SXM Editorial: Hiccups with the garbage collection