Editorial: Interesting point

The Vromi-ministry has made a unique step with its Ministry Plan 2-15-2018. Never before was a ministry so clear about its strategy, its objective, but also its concerns.

Okay, we know that quite some of the content are plans – and we will have to wait and see what will come of them – but at least the direction is clear.

Critics might grab that old Dutch proverb – als het kalf verdronken is dempt men de put – but that would be unkind to a minister who took office quite recently.

The island is overdeveloped in a haphazard way and it is good that this is now taken for a fact at the ministerial level as well.

The concerns about climate change seem real, but what we missed in the plan is concrete action. What is the government going to do if ocean levels keep rising and that water comes for us?

That seems to us a most interesting point for debate.

Source: Today SXM Editorial: Interesting point