El Mas Rapidito takes Central Bank to court

GREAT BAY – El Mas Rapidito Courier Services is taking the Central Bank of Curacao and St. Maarten to court after the bank published a warning notice last week, stating that the company handles money transfer services without a permit.

The company’s attorney Cor Merx told this newspaper that El Mas Rapidito applied for the permit fifteen years ago and that the bank never reacted. It asked at a certain moment for additional information, which the company provided. Then it remained silent for another ten years.

Merx says that the company has been condoned all these years and that it has to be treated likewise.

The argument seems to hold water, because a report from the Scientific Research and Documentation Center of the Dutch Justice Ministry about organized crime in St. Maarten dating back to 2007 already mentioned concerns about criminal activities – especially money laundering – linked to illegal money transfer companies.

The report never gave reason to local authorities – or to the Central Bank – to subject these money transfer companies to closer scrutiny.

The Court in First Instance handles the injunction against the Central Bank this Friday at 10.30 a.m.

Photo caption: The office of El Mas Rapidito on the Walter Nisbeth Road. File photo Today / Hilbert Haar

Source: TODAY http://www.todaynewspaper.online/finance/el-mas-rapidito-takes-central-bank-court/