Elderly tourist desperate for return of scootmobile

St. Maarten News – A 76-year-old frequent visitor to the island is desperate to get his stolen rental car back, in particular because in the trunk there is a Gogo scootmobile, the only means of transportation for his wife when she ventures from home.

The victim told police he had parked and locked his rental car around 11 a.m. near the office of the Cadastre on Cannegieter Street on Thursday. When he came back three quarters of an hour later, the car was gone and so was of course the scootmobile.

Without the Gogo Scootmobile it is very difficult for the ageing victim’s wife to get around.

Citizens who spot the rental car, a brown Honda CRV with license plate R-1649 or the red scootmobile, should call the police at 542 22 22.

Source: Today SXM Elderly tourist desperate for return of scootmobile