Elton Jones writes: The great sacrifice

Our country is going through some political changes brought about by people we elected that have no empathy for the suffering masses. It should surprise no one when I say that the coalition of eight and the executive they support will do and say anything to stay in office. The farce of campaign reform seems to have worn off and like everything else is not mentioned anymore not even in passing.

Our government appears to be solely interested in cutting deals and potentially setting people and country up for irreparable damage. You already heard of the speculation by MPs who form part of the eight with casino licenses. Today Gebe and its board of directors is the topic of contention. From all information received they are now at an impasse and are going over to first publicly fire the board of directors and then seek the advice of the Corporate Governance Council after the fact.

Information coming out of the halls of power indicates that moves are in place to nominate the director of the St. Maarten Port Services as chairman of the board of directors of the airport. This gentleman and his entire operation and functioning are being investigated by the prosecutor’s office in what they term a civil inquiry. Oddly enough that’s not the purpose of the prosecutor but since no one in government dared file a formal complaint on the goings on at the port they creatively found a way to get access to the books.

To add insult to injury the coalition is said to be allowing one of its supporters to unilaterally replace the director of the airport with one Mr. T. Richardson. You remember him? He came here before as a minister qualified by the fact that Alec “the butcher” was his grandfather. He loved St. Maarten so much that he couldn’t wait to catch a flight when he no longer held office. I am willing to wager that the only knowledge the good gentleman has of airports is when he has to travel.

Furthermore when there are vacancies of such importance it cannot and should not become a political payback for misdirected loyalty. In a proper and functional democracy it would be advertized and functionaries at the airport given an opportunity to also apply for the post. And the most qualified ultimately getting the nod.

The airport has a higher rating by a renowned international rating agency than the country itself. Greed to remain in government will allow us to risk this with the many negative consequences including the bond holders calling the bonds. Just to be clear Mr. Ted by his performance in the Council of Ministers has shown that he knows nothing about anything and has absolutely no interest in my country unless it’s collecting a good pay.

I would like to appeal to Mr. Prime Minister and the entire Council of Ministers to do what is right and ask yourselves if it is really worth the trouble and for whom. Our people like all other people only want a level playing field with the opportunity to reach their potential. Our forefathers have already made the ultimate sacrifice for this country. Don’t ask us to be sacrificial lambs again for a government flowing from a coalition of eight that should not have been. Hopefully you can find the courage to be that sacrifice for people and country.

Elton Jones

Source: Today SXM Elton Jones writes: The great sacrifice